Tuesday, June 16, 2009


OK kids, momma finished another book. This time I read Snuff by Chuck Palahniuk. I liked it. Not my favorite book by Mr. Palahniuk, but certainly pretty good.
What's it about ryan charisma? Well, I'll tell you. Our main character Cassie Wright is a porn film legend. She's decided to film her greatest accomplishment for the porn industry. A 600 man gang-bang film. Now you're all thinking..."ryan charisma, you were raised Christian, you shouldn't be reading about sexy times." True. But I have to say, the story doesn't take place in the gang-bang itself, but rather between three men "#72, #137 & #600) in the green room waiting for their turn on camera and the room moderator "Sheila". All the story unfolds in this room.
I love Chuck's writing. It's interesting and full of true trivia. Like, Marilyn Monroe used to cut the heel of one of her pumps to be shorter than the other so her ass would move more sexily when she walked. Good book. Yes, yes you should read it. I won't tell you the ending.



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Sounds intriguing!

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