Monday, January 16, 2006

15 minutes - time's up

I can't explain why I can't stand him. But I can't. It's the same instinct that tells me not to drink soured milk or eat rancid mayonnaise. You just know it's bad. Why is America enamored by this bad gay. I'm sitting through his Golden Globe pre-show on E! and have one simple question. Why? Why hire him? He's attractive enough, but nothing special. His banter drones on at an uncomfortable cruise and his feeble attempts to throw us entertaining "quips" consistently falls short. Ryan Seacrest sucks and every time I see him I want to reach for the remote as if a sporting event or re-run of "saved by the bell" had just begun. I beg you Ryan Seacrest - retire, please?

bad gay, bad... no designer t-shirt for you.


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