Monday, January 23, 2006

Cut Off Your What?

What a great movie. Mr. Adam & I went to go see this last Saturday night with our friend Evan. We really, really enjoyed it. The light comedy, road trip movie is in limited release right now; but I urge everyone to see felicity Huffman's Golden Globe winning performance. I have a rule, ask Mr. Adam: No movies after 10pm. But this one time I broke my rule to see the 10:15pm showing of the movie. Luckily for me, I don't even stick to my own rules; because I would have been upset to miss this excellent film. To be honest, I was somewhat hesitant to see a woman playing a trannie. I felt maybe a trannie actor/actress (whichever word would be appropriate) could have layered the proper amount of depth into the role, but Felicity was great. Super great! Now I'm not gonna get all wound up and tell you that this movie has opened my eyes and I understand trannsexuals. I simply don't. And this movie certainly didn't make me want to be one. I simply don't. What it did do though is give me a break from my life to laugh with someone whose life is "just as" if not "more" difficult than mine, whose family is "just as" if not "more" screwed up as mine. The movie connects on such a human level that the transexual issue at hand is secondary almost. Truly, go see it. If not in the theatres, rent it. You'll love it.


Blogger Cathii Scott said...

You are right, Transamerica is a fantastic movie. Like you I was sceptical about a genetic woman playing a transexual woman, however Filicity not only managed to play the role itself very convincingly, but also handled the post production publicity on a scale that was nothing short of brilliant. (Letterman is a errmmmm am I allowed to say bad words here?)

>....opened my eyes and I understand trannsexuals. I simply don't. And this movie certainly didn't make me want to be one

I would have been disappointed if a movie could make anyone want to be a transexual. We are not turned into transexuals, we are born transexual. ummm yea that does mean I am a trannie....

And as for understanding transexuallity, well most of us that suffer from gender dysphoria and/or GID don't understand it either, so you are in good company.

Like you I found that the fact Bree was transexual was almost incidental by the end of the movie, which is how most trannies would like it in real life. Human first, and at about 1,000,000th on the list of things we are is transexual.

A fantastic movie and worth seeing.


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