Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I Want A Woman!

Yes, you heard me right. Why can't we have a great president like this? I know, I know - it's fiction. But if you told me that the world would be in the state it is right now 5 years ago; I wouldn't have believed you. So why can't we have a president that really (in an honest, decent way) cares? I'm tired of the "lesser evil" of the candidates being the one I end up voting for. For a change, how about the best man/woman for the job? Wow there's a concept, I mean, he/she is ONLY running our country. And all the little stupid people that vote for Bush because he's rich, in the pocket of big business or worse...from Texas. You stupid people put Bush in - you clean up his mess. I'm gonna stick with Gina, she cares and is going to be fair and honest. And couldn't the country use a little honesty these days?


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