Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Silver Sage

What a weekend! I'm so tired and need another weekend just to rest. And the worst part was that Mr. Adam was away on a business trip. I missed him so much; but idle hands are the devils workshop. Aren't they?
I got home from work at the usual time. Only this Friday I was going to do work. Paint my bathroom work. And I must tell you, it was more than I expected. So I emptied out the bathroom and removed all wall fixtures. Aye yai yai.


I got up early and went to the gym and then food shopping (per usual). Then I broke out the paintbrushes & rollers. White ceilings, white trim and fast. I had to have this done in time to greet Mr. Adam when he came home from his business trip. "I'm painting as fast as I can" I tell myself. So I'm figuring out slowly throughout the day that I'm going to have to compromise my expected finish time. This task is bigger than what I expected. I've yet to put color on the walls. Finally with two coats of my fabulous "spa like" white dried and ready to be taped over; I begin the walls. I'm sure you're thinking "what color did you pick Ryan Charisma?". I'll tell you. Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware. It's a lovely color. Masculine in a "spa like" manner. It went on in two coats and looks great. I my new bathroom but I found that after I cleaned up and reinstalled my shelves and belongings that I'm very late to meet Mr. Adam. About 4 hours behind. I'm sad I missed Mr. Adam's return, but I had to finish the job I started. I was so tired and Mr. Adam & I had made plans to go see Walk The Line with our friends Kenn & Joey. I finally made it to Mr. Adam's place by 7:30pm and our movie was at 9:30pm. What a great time; I was so happy to see Mr. Adam and the movie, I loved it. And I'm glad I saw it. I wouln't normally pick this movie but I really liked it.

But the highlight of my day truly was Mr. Adam being back in town ... hurray!
We slept in.


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