Monday, May 15, 2006


Oh my God. I finished it, this 650 page novel. I'm a pretty quick read, but I must tell you all, this book is a test. Not your typical vampire story. This Summer read from last year, tracked Dracula through the centuries. We learn of his life through three generations of historians. Reading their letters, papers & the documents they've encountered and translated through their travels. And although the main characters are American, almost all of the story takes place in Europe (half of the cities I've never heard of, and the other half were referred to their Ottoman, Turkish or Rumanian names). I'm torn over this book. It's a commitment, but I wanted to know the ending. I think if anyone is a history buff, I'm sure they'll eat up this novel. But if you're looking for a quick read. Search elsewhere.


Blogger Jim said...

Maybe when I dont have a stack of textbooks to read, it does sound interesting, thanks!

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