Monday, November 05, 2007

Annie Lennox live

Last Saturday night Erik, Michael & I went to see the original Diva, Annie Lennox live at the Union Palace here in NYC. What a show! She was outstanding in a category all her own. Was this show a "spectacular, spectacular" like Madonna's Confessions Tour? No. Annie was a rock star. She sang and at some points accompanied herself on the piano.
Her set included equal parts new Annie, old Annie and old Eurithmics. Yes, she did Why and Walking on Broken Glass! She was phenominal and I'd see her again and again.
As for the venue, Union Palace, what a gorgeous old theater! I've never been to this site way up on West 175 street. The outside is a delapidated old theater but the inside is beautiful and guilded. A treasure in the middle of no where. Much like the concert was....'a treasure in the middle of no where', or rather Washington Heights.



Blogger Jim said...

Lucky boy! Annie was and is my favorite.

6:38 AM  

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