Friday, November 02, 2007

"It's Britney Bitch"

OK, I admit it. I bought Ms. Spears new CD BLACKOUT. I did, but I won't apologize. I've always been a Britney fan. And I won't stop now because she's a disaster.

First off, I purchased the CD because I told her I would. I feel that although she is a disaster, I'm allowed to like her highly produced, catchy, dance hall, hip hop, electronica pop music. And this CD delivers in full. I was ready for it to be bad, as bad as her performance on this year's VMA's. But you know what, IT'S A REALLY GOOD CD!

I figure, Britney is no more a disaster than any of the rockers from the 70's & 80's were. She's a mess, but honestly it's not her CD, it's her producers'. Today, while I was clammering to get my iPod to play her new CD, because I just can't get enough of it yet, I pondered Britney and what she meant musically. Is she an artist? I wondered.... No I had to confess, she's merely an instrument of some force bigger than her. I mean, yes, it is her voice, and yes it is her image. But they're not her musically. Someone else wrote the music, someone else put it together, other people played it and obviously some amazing producers told her how to breath/sing/speak her songs to make them oh just so right. So I see Britney as nothing more than a musical instrument. Britney, wear this, sing this and sing it this way while you dance these steps. She's someone else's instrument.

So whoever is playing Britney on this new CD did a fine job, I just can't get the catchy pop hooks out of my mind. Can you smell dance hits? I can.



Blogger Kalvin said...

OMG! We're soul mates. I love this CD too! Although I like things that are unfashionable I'm afraid often because they are unfashionable. What's wrong with the public. Her early music sucked ass! (Sorry if you liked it) but her later music finally is worth something. And yes, she's someone else's instrument, but seriously, show 10 celebrities that aren't. Okay, maybe there are 10, but that was after they'd really grown up, and she well, she's gots problems...she's a Judy Garland for our modern gays as I always say...

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