Monday, September 24, 2007

Transformers IMAX

Michael, Mr. Adam & I went to go see Transformers on IMAX yesterday. Now I must tell all of you that I was told that this movie was only 'eh.' That it wasn't the hyped up summer blockbuster everyone expected and in some cases wanted it to be. So my rush to see it waned and Mr. Adam & I never got around to seeing this during the summer. However since it did come out on IMAX, Mr. Adam & I had rekindled our interest in this film.
First off, I liked it. I did. Was the movie loud? Oh yes. But I knew that going in. What I can tell you is that the action and the special effects were amazing. I want a good robot for a car & protector. Who wouldn't? But I also must tell you that I can't, nor will I ever buy into these movies that the sexy, pretty girl with the beautiful pink lip gloss is also a nuclear physicist. Um, no. Don't go there, I won't buy into that. Other than the stupid casting, I liked the movie. I really liked it!



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