Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I want to say I care, but...

OK, here we go. I'm gonna be unpopular for a moment now. YES, I know the Giants won the Superbowl. Whatever, I don't even follow tennis. So this "super team" who is "super over-paid" wins the 'super big game." Yes, ...and now what? Have the homeless from Katrina been helped? Are there still people in hospitals that can't afford their bills? Is the Iraq War issue solved? No, so let's spend thousands of the tax payers dollars to throw a ticker-tape parade for these over-paid athelets. That's a great idea!
So, after an agonizing Sunday that revolved around a stupid televised game with the LAMEST half-time entertainment ever, I was forced to push my way to work through the crowd for this Giants Victory Parade. Yes, I work right on the parade route. My office building put up barriers to keep the rif raf out.

So I make it into work, on time I may add, and at 11am this extravaganza starts. I've never seen a ticker-tape parade but let me tell you. It's sort of exciting except that this one was all about sports (symbols of gay oppression). Who cares? I'll tell you who. Idiots. Screaming nobodys who actually think they did something to make this victory happen! And they couldn't just be happy that their team won, no - they kept chanting how awful the Patriots are, and that Tom Bradley is a loser. Whatever. Talk about poor sportsmanship. It makes me proud of my straight brothers to see them behave like that. The only thing I hate worse is to watch straight guys & girls try to hook up in bars. That is the worst. But I digress. So this 'fun-ness' ends around 12:15pm and the city looks like nuclear winter has hit. This is where my tax dollars are going? To clean up after stupidity? To celebrate men who make more money in one year than I'll make in 10? No, no, no, no, no. I object.
I took these pictures. I want to say I care, but I don't.
Where is the ticker-tape parade for Madonna?


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FYI, it's Tom Brady and we love him here in Mass.

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