Monday, January 21, 2008

I Have A Dream Too...

First off, I want to say that I had to work today. Yes my children, Momma had to work. Wall Street closes for no one. No dream. No way. Such is my lot in life.
I would like to say, that I hold the highest regard for the work MLK put into the civil rights fight for equality. He was a good man, an honest man and a someone who truly believed in the words that came out of his mouth. Unlike all our politicians who just pander and babel the buzzwords that they think we want to hear. Well, kids Momma is still listening and you know what? No one is saying what I want to hear.
I have a dream too. A dream where I won't be financially ruined by a death in my household. A dream where I don't meet Mr. Adam's family in a funeral parlor or hospital and get told I have 30 days to vacate their house, or rather my home. I have a dream too, that I vote for a President who believes I not only deserve every right his/her family has, but I am entitled to those rights as well - for just being born & American. I do dream, I dare to dream but sadly my dreams sound more like wishful thinking and lost hope. The ONLY solace I have this election is that almost certainly a Republican WON'T win. That much, as far as I'm concerned, is a given. But I shudder to think that my choices are Obama, Hillary or Edwards. If there was a chance in hell that Dennis Kucinich could win, I would support him or even a 3rd party. So let me be clear. I have a dream too, that I could vote for a Presidential candidate that would allow me the exact same rights and privileges as any heterosexually born American. I'm mad, I'm damn mad that Hillary, who I may add, obviously has gays doing her hair, make-up and styling doesn't think we deserve to be married. Neither does Obama, and we all know John, just isn't there yet. Well, I'm upset with you Democrats, you weak, stand up for nothing, panderers to the lowest common denominator. And by that I mean the stupid people. And by stupid people I mean Christian fundamentalists. I have a dream too, that our Government honestly (and I know that's a big order already) keeps the original notion of 'separation of church & state'.
I have a dream too, that I'm finally considered equal to everyone else in America. I dream that all the haters in America choke to death on their vile words of "special rights", "abomination before God", "gays, pedophiles & alcoholics" & so on. Die you bastards, and not a quick and easy death either. Your suffering should reflect the suffering you've imposed on others. I have a dream you die, I dream your damn 'rapture' comes and takes you from us. Oh what a blessing from God that would be. I'll be left behind with all the "bad" people, for I have no use for you hypocrites and liars who think you're going straight to heaven.
So I have a dream too, and until it's fulfilled America isn't the home of the free & the brave, it's home to everything that's wrong in this world. And I ain't moving to another country, for I love my home. Did you hear that? This homo ain't going anywhere except up! With or without the country's blessings. Obviously our Country is broken and no one, but no one, want's to fix it correctly the first time. Which means, it will still need fixing when the next election time comes around.
I have a dream that I can vote for the best man/woman for the Presidency; but then I wake up and I realize I still have to vote for the lesser of two evils.


Blogger Jim said...

Hillary, you had to mention her, now I'll need an Ambien to sleep tonight :)

8:23 PM  
Blogger Paul Jamieson said...

keep dreaming you self absorbed hater

1:32 PM  

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