Thursday, January 24, 2008

911 or Mary-Kate Olsen (same thing)

First off, I want to say that YES Heath Ledger's death was both shocking and sad. But thanks to our media - I no longer care as I have been bombarded with minimal facts that really, just don't matter. This 'common mourning' which I prefer to call media circus had reported everything including his favorite pair of underwear; but it doesn't ask any questions. I have a question:
So according to the media Mr. Ledger was found unconscious in his apartment that he was renting from Mary-Kate Olsen by his housekeeper or masseuse (I've heard 2 conflicting reports - way to go media!). This masseuse or housekeeper immediately calls Mary-Kate Olsen? Who, then contacts her NYC bodyguards. Then Ms. Olsen's bodyguards send someone to the apt? Then someone calls 911? WHAT? I'm not sure about you people, but my first reaction when dealing with a medical emergency is not to contact my landlord. It's to call 911. Hello? Is everyone in this world stupid? Perhaps I'm wrong, but maybe Mary-Kate is a medical genius and can revive people long distance over the phone? Maybe not? All I can say is, this housekeeper or masseuse called her for a reason, and it wasn't' to help Heath Ledger now, was it? What was she hiding and helping Mary-Kate hide? Why would a dead man need bodyguards? I have questions and I don't work for the police or media. Hell, maybe I missed my calling? Or maybe my Mother didn't raise an idiot? Unlike, most of the people that have been involved in this media circus.
If you ever find me unconscious or dead, call Mary-Kate immediately please!?!


Anonymous Christopher said...

No I think its Ashley who is the medical genius. So I am almost certain the call to MK was only to engage Ashley. I am certain the media will point this out in a day or two. Haven't heard what the rolled up $20 bill was for either. But then again it could have been a $20.00 lying there with the other $200 or so for the masseuse. Once the next Enqurier comes out I am sure we will get the answers.
Anyhow a terrible tragedy with Heath.

10:03 PM  
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