Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Blithe Spirit

Last night I saw Broadway royalty. Yes, yes I did. My friend Michael took me to see Blithe Spirit starring Ms. Angela Lansbury. Now everyone and their brother has done a Noël Coward show at some point in their dramatical training. It was so nice to see a classic, not updated, not changed just as what it is. A period piece.
What did you think ryan charisma? First off, aside from the excitement of seeing such a star studded cast. I had to admit that I've never seen nor read this specific play. It's cute. I really enjoyed Rupert Everett, he was great. And honestly, I didn't have very high hopes for him. The supporting cast was equally as good. We saw a preview performance of the show and boy was it in preview shape. Lines were dropped and stumbled upon with regularity. I swear at one point Ms. Lansbury said "there's no moon out tonight and there's a moon, er... mist rising above the water." Uh oh! Also, there was a whole scene towards the end where I was slightly uncomfortable that the actresses didn't quite know where they were and they sort of muddled through the scene. Weird for professionals. I'm sure this line issue will be solved before the actual opening and it didn't detract from the show anyway.
On a side note, it was completely freezing the night we saw the show. Everyone should know that the Shubert Theater is absolutely freezing in the winter. I swear I could cut glass with my nipples as the north wind was blowing right on the audience.



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