Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Billy Elliot THE MUSICAL

I LOVED IT! Last night Evan, Jeffrey, Mr. Adam & I went to go see Billy Elliot on Broadway. This show was really good. The dancing was stupendous. The 3 hour show was so well directed & acted. How can anyone not love this feel good show? I don't know. This is a must see for everyone. The cast is huge. Broadway has cast 3 different Billys for the show. Our Billy was played by David Alvarez. He was great. Stellar performance for a kid.
The show is very emotional at times dealing with life topics. Wants, desires, jobs, love & death. I was misty. Yes, my icy heart melted slightly, but I'm back and here to tell you. Go see this show. Specifically the dream ballet when Billy dances with himself as an adult. I was Billy. I related to Billy. I wanted to soar and fly from my problems into beautiful world constructed just for me. This show is good, this show will win awards, this show will play for a long while.
"ryan charisma are you going to purchase the CD?" Well, I already have it actually and no I wouldn't. The show isn't anything I would play just to hear. The music really belongs in the show. It's really part of the show and has very little toe tapping, sing along numbers.



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Thanks for the review... !

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i've seen you are not billy

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