Friday, February 06, 2009

The Story Of My Life

My friend Michael took me to see The Story Of My Life last night. It was good/mediocre. Let me 'splain...

This show begins with a friend writing the eulogy of his long time friend. I had no idea this was the premise of this musical. Yes, I wrote musical. Still having fresh wounds from my friend Dennis' death and having been the person Dennis asked to write his eulogy; this show struck a raw nerve for me. I was struck down with all of the paralles of this story compared to my own. It wasn't my story, but was. (sigh)

This two man show was superbly acted. Wonderfully directed and orchestrated. The set was stellar. I always enjoy those "less is more" sets anyway and the fact that everything even props were painted beige only - gave the show a great look. The show however, was only OK. Really. Sure some of the numbers really worked... "some". The show followed the new 90 minute / no intermission format that so many new shows seem to have taken. Usually I love it. But for a 90 minute show, at times I thought we were going on 3 hours. The music is so average really. Some songs just drag.
Should you see this show? ONLY if you've seen so many other Broadway shows. This show is defenitley a 2nd tier show that would never please people in the city to see shows like "Wicked" or "Billy Elliot". This is not one of those. So much awesome work went into this production, sadly the score needs work.



Blogger Todd HellsKitchen said...

Yeah... i was offered free passes and couldn't imagine sitting through it... Glad you kinda liked it though!

2:11 PM  
Blogger Todd HellsKitchen said...

Just as a followup... Roma Torre gave this a surprisingly nice review on NY1 this weekend!

Not enuf to make me wanna go, tho

4:21 PM  

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