Monday, December 29, 2008

The 39 Steps

Yesterday I took Mr. Adam to see "The 39 Steps". I got the tickets for our 7 year anniversary this past December 25th (yes, our anniversary is on Christmas Day). I wanted to see this show before it closed next week as it was nominated for so many awards. Rumor has it, that it will open in a smaller Broadway house in a few weeks. It should, it's that good.
The show is a spoof on Alfred Hitchcock films. It's a 4 man show where 3 of the 4 actors play multiple charecters. I loved it. Sadly, both Mr. Adam & I were so exhausted from our holiday "fun" that we found it very difficult to stay awake for the entire show. However, that's what happens when you're like me (on the "other" side of 29yo).
"Should I see the show in the new theater ryan charisma?" Yes, it's really fun. It's well acted and if you have the luck to see the original cast, even better! kisses!



Blogger Todd HellsKitchen said...

Happy New Year! (And Happy Belated Anniversary!)

3:23 PM  
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