Saturday, May 20, 2006

ERASURE - Acoustic

My friend Michael and I went to go see ERASURE at the New York Society for Ethical Culture last night. First I must warn you that I'm a huge fan. I went in armed with my Internet research of the set list and made playlists ahead of time to dutifully make sure I was on top of the material. I read reviews and of course, had the new "Union Street" CD. The show in NYC was one night only, and the last performance of the tour. I was psyched. Excited and desperately waiting for Andy Bell to sing "Alien" - my favorite, double, extra-favorite Erasure song. Michael and I walked into the "theater" in the New York for Society for Ethical Culture (64th & Central Park West) to find that the theater was intimate (approximately 800 seats) but it resembled a church. I'll explain, the stage was a circular thrust with the audience surrounding it on pew-like benches in a circular shape around it. We were close to the band, I became excited, too excited to sit. So Michael and I went off to find me a fabulous t-shirt, and I got it too thanks to Michael. Thank you Michael. So, with set list in hand, ticket in pocket and t-shirt in possession we took our seats. Michael and I were in for an evening of Andy Bell & Vince Clark without their synthesizers. Yes, you read right. This tour was still all songs from ERASURE's catalogue but without electronics. In the past, they been known to perform an acoustic set in concert; but this time it was the concert. Was I ready? Yes, yes I was. What a great show. Speaking for myself, I loved their acoustic interpretations of so many of their songs. They performed a good mix of known and lesser known songs. The show was great, Andy's voice was in super shape. The show was stripped down of outlandish costumes and set pieces and seriously focused on the craftsmanship of the music. A traditional concert, per se. I really enjoyed the show. And from what I can tell, so did Michael. Well, maybe he was also enjoying my enthusiasm for the show too. And as for "Alien" - he sang it. And that is good.


Blogger Jim said...

Lucky guy! I love Erasure but always wanted to hear vocals without synth sugar. Maybe they will acoustically pass this way sometime.

12:04 AM  
Blogger CawfeeGuy said...

i bought Union Street last week and i just can't get into it. it's so blah compared to there other stuff. after reading your entry, maybe i'll give it another chance...or at least just Alien.

4:36 PM  

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