Monday, September 11, 2006

A Million Little Pieces

I loved this book. I really enjoyed it. I know, I know - you're all thinking "Ryan Charisma, didn't Oprah come out against James Frey for lying in this memoir?" Yes, my petit puddles of love, she did. But it's almost irrelevant if you've read the book. I mean really, do you care if his "girlfriend" killed herself via hanging herself or by slitting her wrist? Does it matter that he spent 5 months in jail or 5 weeks? The story truly is about James' battle to gain control over his addiction, body and health. At times I found the book excellent, I really enjoyed the story and his narrative voice. Other times, the junkie parts, I just wanted to smack some sense into his "oh woe is me" attitude. Poor junkie, poor poor junkie. It's true, I'm not exactly the most sympathetic to the addicts plight, but then again, I'm not sympathetic to anyone's plight. But enough about my lack of empathy for my fellow human beings. I really, really did enjoy this book. So even though this memoir may have some fictional details in it - it very much worth the read. It really makes you wonder who we deal with day after day and if they're normal, whatever that is.



Blogger Derek said...

I loved this book as well, it was very different like nothing I've ever read, I couldn't put it down.
Have you read the next one yet?

10:04 PM  

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