Thursday, September 07, 2006

The US Open Sucks Balls!

I have had it being tortured by the US Open. I have been held hostage to it on television & in public. I can't do it anymore. I try, God knows I do, but I can't....I simply can't. It's boring and really, I don't know these people. These people don't know the meaning of getting up early, hanging your soul up and going to work behind a desk. Why should I care if they're winning thousands and thousands of dollars hitting a stupid ball with a stick? I don't. Not to mention how dull and absent of any entertainment value this is. Televised sports is the "rice cake" in the salad bar of life.
Mr. Adam has been methodically torturing me with this damn US Open since it began a week and a half ago. I beg him to please watch something, anything else on television. He hasn't changed the channel yet. His response is "it's only 2 weeks" - well, yeah - but two weeks ago I had to endure the Australian Open. And weeks before that ...Wimbeldon. For those of you that don't know, somewhere in the world there is always some major tennis match which is usually televised in order that I will be miserable. But I digress. Now I don't mind Mr. Adam loving tennis, in fact that's great. But I'd rather he play tennis. That I fully support 100%.
And it doesn't end when I think we're going out somewhere. We go visit our friends Evan & Jeffrey and guess what's on at their home? Everyone say it with me together: "TENNIS." Yes children, tennis. And lucky us, Jeffrey orders the tennis channel so even when there is nothing playing - we can watch vintage matches. Hurrah? As a matter of fact, I spent a lovely Labor Day afternoon with Mr. Adam, Evan & Jeffrey doing guess what? Watching the US Open outside of Rockefeller Center in the American Express seats. I read my book and enjoyed the lovely weather.
It's never ending and it's torture. Oh woe is me.


Blogger CawfeeGuy said...

c'mon, hot men running around in short shorts, sweating and grunting and exerting their it hot in here?

4:01 PM  
Blogger dbv said...

my husband's a tennis pro... i agree... but sometimes, the cute guys are worth

9:22 AM  

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