Friday, August 25, 2006

Oh My Aching Liver

People, People, People...
I've the news you've all been contacting me about. So here it is. Yes, I Ryan Charisma had my annual physical a few weeks ago expecting to find that I'm in good shape inside and out. Unfortunately, my bloodwork said otherwise. My liver enzymes were WAY too high and my doctor called me back for emergency testing. We discussed that the issue could be anything or possibly nothing. So I tried not to worry. But I did worry. And after being drained of practically all of my blood, and having all these tests done & re-done. I've got the results.
Liver Function - Normal
Hep A - Immunized
Hep B - Immunization didn't take (must do over)
Hep C - Negative
Iron - Normal

So the bottom line, as of now - it was a fluke test result and I'm ok. Looks like I'll be around just a tad longer ya bastids!


Blogger Jim said...

Excellent news, I would hate to see you on martini restriction :)

3:05 PM  
Blogger CawfeeGuy said...

i think that deserves a celebratory gallon of gin! happy filtration! cheers!

4:55 PM  

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