Friday, February 16, 2007

Sealed for Freshness

Hey my petite love droplets! My friend Michael took me to see this off-Broadway play last night. We endured the frigid temperatures here in NYC and sat our asses down in the first row of Theater 5 of New World Stages. A quaint little theatre, so quaint that the enormous woman next to me (and I'm trying not being mean), shared my seat with me. I'm not saying, she need to lose 20 - 50 lbs. She needed to drop a serious 200 lbs. Thank God we weren't flying. I try so hard not to be mean about fat people, but it's very difficult being "big boned" myself and sharing my seat with this woman whose thighs sat next to mine, and her arm waddle rested on my elbow. I felt bad for this woman. I mean what does one say? "Pardon me but do mind just sitting in your seat only?" I mean, I didn't want to hurt any one's feelings. But I digress.
This play, if you look at the logo above, appears to be some sort of high-camp fun play revolving around a Tupperware Party. I wanted to know "are there drag queens?" Well, was I ever wrong. No drag queens. And this play was serious. I liken it to "That Championship Season" for women. Yes, there are laughs, but this is a dramatic piece set in 1968. If I were to give the producers any advice....find a new logo. This one give the WRONG idea about the show. As far as performances were concerned. I want to say that the lead character Bonnie played by Jennifer Dorr White was excellent. You watched her recieve horrible news immediately before all the guests for this Tupperware Party arrive and Bonnie proceed to drink heavily, and host her party while being visibly distracted by the news that her husband had given her. It was wonderful to watch her perform. She had some mighty talent there and I was with her the entire way. As far as her husband's performance - his line delivery was really good, but his blocking seemed forced and very inorganic. Which is odd, because the director did some really interesting things. Now the rest of the cast was obviously the other 4 women who attend the said Tupperware Party. All with secrets, lies and hidden agendas. They all surface throughout out this 2 hour show and at times you're laughing while other times you're heart just falls right out of your chest. It's really quite a script. I liked this show, it's not what one would think - but it's theater for sure. I love off-Broadway shows because they have so much art in them; unlike most full scale Broadway shows.
Although we saw the very first night of previews for this show. Which leads to many, many mistakes that could have happened along the way. We mostly witnessed small issues like lighting cues and actors forgetting lines. All forgivable and when they've run the show for a week or two it will be all ironed out. I can't say you MUST see this because it is heavy, but I think any middle aged woman will identify with one of these 5 women and would enjoy this as an evening out with the 'girls.' If you like dramatic, period pieces you will really enjoy this. It's done really well. As far as the set is concerned, it was great. Great levels, furnishings and props. Sadly where the show lacked was the period wigs. They were almost distracting they are so bad. Note to producers: Get new wigs.



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