Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Vertical Hour

OK, my petite wallflowers, last night my friend Michael invited Mr. Adam & myself to join him to see The Vertical Hour at the Music Box Theater here on Broadway. First off I must say that the script written by David Hare. What a great script, expertly written. I really found it thought provoking. The subject matter had to do with the war in Iraq, standing on the sidelines & giving up both personally and as a nation. A very wordy show, but very well written.
The show stared Julianne Moore as the main character Nadia. Also staring as her fiance's father was Bill Nighy. Now, first I want to tell all of you, my friends, that I adore Julianne Moore on film. I think she's great. But sadly, she is awful on stage. She is a classic example of a screen actor not being able to do stage. Two totally different types of acting. She had no ability to lift this fine script off of the page. Her stage presence was at best ...OK. Sad. Bill Nighy, on the other had was brilliant. His physicality and demeanor was flawless. A true seasoned actor. Now Nadia's fiance was a handsome man named Andrew Scott. He was so talented, I wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home. He was great. Overall, don't see this, it's a long wordy show and without a tour-de-force main character - it just drags. Read the script.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, no please see this. Because this is one of those rare occasions where you can see the extraordinary talents of Bill Nighy enfolding right in front of you. That alone is worth watching the play.

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