Monday, February 12, 2007


Mr. Adam & I rented this movie last Saturday night. First off, I liked it. It's the first horror movie in a long time to actually scare me and not "gross me out." The story (although full of lesbian overtones) was about a group of women who go cave climbing. This movie is so unnerving that during some of the scenes I had to get up and leave the room. The caves were way too small and all the crawling through tight passageways made me very claustrophobic. The women through a series of events end up trapped and looking for a new way out of these caves and tunnels (2 miles underground). In this search they realize they're being hunted by some sort of humanoid underground dwellers. Then the fun really begins. This is a great rental.



Anonymous Buddy said...

We watched this a few months ago. It was dark and a bit predictable from the onset. I really wanted to love it but think that it might have been better in the theater.

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