Monday, September 10, 2007

Halloween 2007

OK my beautiful people. This past weekend Michael & I went to go see the new Halloween directed by Rob Zombie. Scary? Sure, but I'm a fan of the original so I knew the basic story anyway. Gruesome? Oh good Lord yes! You may be thinking "ryan charisma, how can you take such gratuitous violence?" Well, my well lubricated pistons, I can't, I squirmed and moaned and wished that Michael Meyers would stop all the insanity. So here is what I thought:
1)This movie is a remake of the John Carpenter classic.
2) It is NOT as good.
3) The acting in this movie was eh. Nothing great, and actually some of the performances literally sucked.
4) I had issue with this movie trying to give some sort of reason or excuse for Mr. Meyers' killing sprees. I didn't buy into that at all. I don't see psychopathic killers and sympathetic characters. I simply don't.
If you're itching to see this, you should. The movie isn't horrible. It just isn't good. And really, what's a scary movie without Jamie Lee Curtis?



Blogger CawfeeGuy said...

"what's a scary movie without Jamie Lee Curtis"?
to quote the immortal words of Ms. Hedda Lettuce:
"like a drag queen without her cocaine; boring as shit"

9:09 AM  

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