Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Well, sorry I've been away so long my petite lovlings. I've had a visit with my parental units and then I took ill for a few days. The good news is that my back issue that I acquired on my final day in Provincetown, MA has healed and now I'm closer to normal. Well, whatever normal is. Anyway, while my parents were here I took them and Mr. Adam to see Curtains. They really liked it.
I think the fact that David Hyde Pierce was in it helped. It was an old fashioned musical. Written by Kander & Ebb. Ebb, of course you know, died while writing this show. So Rupert Holmes (of the Pi┼ła Colada song fame) took over to finish the show. I have friends who really enjoyed Debra Monk's performance. As talented and funny as she is in this show. Anyone could play her character. It calls for a brassy older woman. The easiest role to cast for any theater. Overall, this show was OK, it wasn't bad, it entertained me, but I can't figure out why David Hyde Pierce won a Tony Award for this show. Does anyone know why? I mean, he wasn't bad by any means, but award winning? No, no, no.
So I know you're all asking "ryan charisma, should I see this?" Well, in all honesty, it's historical as Mr. Ebb is dead so there won't be another first production of a Kander & Ebb show, for that reason alone you should see it. Other than that, no don't.



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