Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Provincetown, MA

Hello my petite flowers! Momma is back and rested. My holiday on old Cape Cod was wonderfully teriffic! First of all, I would like to say that this is such an affordable vacation and it's seriously one of my favorites. I think it's that I love having a bicycle to do what I please throughout the week. I don't feel limited or that I must follow the pack. Speaking of 'the pack' there were 5 of us this year. Evan, Jefferey, Scott, Mr. Adam & myself. Fun company! So here are some of the highlights of my holiday away from NYC:

SATURDAY - Unfortuneately, Saturday morning I had a family funeral to attend. That was a very sad occasion to kick off my holiday, but family is family and one must do what one must do. I did, however, get to see my family whom I don't see often enough. So that is the silver lining in my pre-trip trip. Due to the fact that everyone else had arrived in Provincetown Saturday afternoon, I had to catch up. I ended up taking the Boston Harbor Cruises' Fast Ferry to Provicetown at 6:30PM. What a lovely way to travel. I highly recommend it to everyone. By the time I arrived in quaint gay-ville it was about 8pm and the view of the sunset over the ocean from the Ferry was absolutely beautiful. What a day, and I was about to really start a vacation. When I got off the dock for the ferry Mr. Adam and the rest of our house was waiting for me. Yeah! I was never so happy to see Mr. Adam. We went to our rental house (6 Webster Place - built in 1753) and I was so relieved for A/C. The house itself was cute. No, it wasn't shiney and new like other vacation homes we've had in other parts of the world, but it was certainly full of colonial, New England charm. And comming from that, I liked it. I liked it alot. This house could easily hold 10 people. and we were only 5, we had pleanty of room. From the front patio to the 10 person hot tub out back, we made ourselves at home. I was ready for a cocktail and dinner. So Jeffrey made a pitcher of cosmos which didn't last long and we enjoyed our first dinner at Ciro & Sal's. Excellent dinner, I actually couldn't wait to eat there again, as I loved it so much the last time I was in p-town. Luckily, we went my first night. Boy was I tired, it was bed time. What a day.

SUNDAY - "Beach Day!" I screamed as Mr. Adam woke up. I knew we had a few chores to do, but I planned on going some way, somehow. I feel everyone should know that although, I was on vacation, I don't have the ability to sleep past 6:30AM. I try, but I can't. My body wakes me no matter what. So I checked out the house and made a few early morning phone calls. When the household was up and ready, we set off to get our bicycles for the week. We rented from Ptown Bikes. $80/week. Done. Next stop the gym. I got myself a 5 visit pack for $75 at Mussel Beach Health Club. I like this gym, but I have to be honest. It's a little too little for me. I know they put a second floor on but for some reason I don't feel it gave them any more room. Luckily, I work out early in the AM so I don't have to wait as long as someone who works out later would. My suggestion, "tear down that bitch of a building and put a gym, where a gym ought to go!" But after dealing with the inept lesbian at the gym counter for 45minutes, we were free! "Free for what?" you ask. Free for the beach! I returned to Webster Place to change into my swimming attire and to pack a bag. Evan, Mr. Adam & I headed off to the beach on our new exciting bicycles. A great day, but the bugs were biting. OUCH!

MONDAY - Rain Day. Yes, yes it's true. Monday was the day it rained, and rained. But that was good, we could do some indoor shopping and hang about Webster Place. That night we saw Showgirls. Now showgirls is this amatuer and I mean amateur talent show. Acts that are playing in town come and perform one (1) number to push thier show and locals come up and perform as well. And by perform I mean, suck. Yes they suck, but some believe that's half the fun. Other's think it's Ryan Landry's performing while triping on some drug cocktail. Personally, I don't find him "all that."

TUESDAY - Another fantastical day at the beach, I really, really enjoyed the day there. Later we walked about town then hit the hot tub and enjoyed our 5pm pitcher of Cosmos before dinner. We had dinner at Front Street - fabulous. Later we got ticket to see Dina Martina. I have to be honest and tell you this show was hysterical. She is so damn funny. I hightly recommend this show to everyone. If you don't know who Dina is you should check out her web page and see if you can get tickets in your town.

WENDSDAY - With the knowledge that my holiday away was soon ending, Evan, Mr. Adam & I went to the beach again. Yeah! I loves me the beach. Anyway, after a few hours of naked men and beautiful ocean, Evan & Mr. Adam decided they would enjoy Tea Dance at the Boatslip. Not my cup of tea so I stayed behind at the beach, while they went to drink and dance away the afternoon. I, however, was the object of sexual attention from some creep on the beach. He made me very uncomfortable as he was obviously looking for a little hanky panky form someone. Anyone from what I could tell. So I decided to take some pics and become mobile on the beach. I loved it. I loved the freedom of being alone at the shore and moving at my own pace. I loved having no deadline or return time. It was truely a freedom that I would enjoy often if possible. Eventually I made it back to Webster Place in time for our pitcher of cosmos and dinner.

THURSDAY - Today Evan, Scott, Mr. Adam & I went to The Boatslip to do a little poolside action. We settled in and got some lovely sun. A great relaxing day until I wanted to run a tab and order some drinkies. Cash ONLY! And I'm a creature of credit. So, sadly - no poolside booze for ryan charisma. "sigh" ... After that I had a massage at Blu Day Spa. The massage was really, really relaxing. And it was legit - no happy ending here. Then, of course, our 5pm pitcher of cosmos. Dinner that night Mr. Adam & I went out ourselves to The Mayflower. I had the best fried scallops there. The best. We later joined up with everyone else to see the new Varla Jean Merman show. I love Ms. Varla, it makes me sad that she's not real. But none-the-less, her new show "Varla Jean Merman Loves a Foreign Tongue!" was just ok. This is difficult for me because I'm a huge fan, but the show sort of just laid there. Some fun jokes, her voice was in good shape, but just eh. Sorry Varla - I still love you!

FRIDAY - I declared Friday my final beach day. Sad. I split off from the group and went to the beach alone. It was wonderful. I adore being at the beach alone. The weird thing is, as a kid I would never have gone alone. Now I think I almost like it better sometimes. Regardless, when I reached the beach on my fabulous bicycle my back was hurting me. By the time I was home for our 5pm pitcher of cosmos I was in back agony. Somewhere, somehow I had pulled my back something awful. Now I just had to suffer. And suffer I did. We all went to an absolutely fabulous dinner at The Red Inn. Sadly, this was the final evening of our holiday in Provincetown. So Adam began to escort me (with my aching back) home to Webster Place. He's a sweetheart. That's why I love him so much.

SATURDAY - we loaded up the car to return to NYC early in the AM. After we secured the car and made sure Webster Place was empty. We went to Edwige for breakfast. The food was good, the atmosphere was crappy. It was ok, but I'm not a big breakfast person anyway. I simply had granola, fruit and yogurt. We strolled through the town once again and decided to hit the road. I loved my vacation and I'm sad it's over. Next year, maybe two weeks?



Blogger Todd HellsKitchen said...

Thanks for the travelogue.

Sounds like a great vacation!

I've never been to Ptown...

Maybe it's finally time that I check it out!

10:04 AM  
Blogger Jim said...

Glad you had a good trip! I had the best seafood ever when I was working in Boston. One of these days I will make it to Ptown!

7:18 AM  

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