Friday, September 21, 2007


Hey childrens! I've finally began reading again after my hiatus of the 2nd half of the summer. And what a great book to begin with. First off I adore this writer. I've read several of his books already and I must say that I've enjoyed every one of them. I look forward to reading more. I do hope he keeps writing. Anyway let me 'share.'
This book is a horror novel whose main character is a female artist named Misty. Through years of shrugging off small clues of the underlying evil happening as coincidence she has found herself trapped, imprisoned if you will, in a hotel room being forced to paint & draw art to save a small island community. I don't want to give away allot of the story, but one of the repeating underlying themes to this book is "you" are a diary of you. Everything about you is recorded in everything you do, make, grow and think. A very interesting concept and one that is difficult to argue. I wonder if this makes me the hot, sexy Colt porn star I see myself as? hmmm. Anyway, this book was so good I finished quite fast. So fast that I ran out and got another of Mr. Palahniuk's books to begin right away. I'm so glad there's even more for later. Enjoy this one!



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