Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hairspray - BROADWAY

Last Saturday Mr. Adam took me to see Hairspray on Broadway. I had not seen this show. I know you're all thinking "Ryan Charisma, you're so theatrically astute, how did you miss this show?" Well, Momma had just moved to NYC on 09/08/01 (three days before 09/11) and I was jobless. I couldn't afford it, and when the time came that I could afford it, Hairspray had moved from my short list of shows to my long list. Sad.
So let me begin, I really, really enjoyed the show. I know it won 8 Tony Awards in 2003, but luckily the show is still fresh and entertaining. Let me start, the lead Shannon Durig was good. I can't say great because I felt her performance lacked the "starry eyed, optomistic" enthusiams that Tracy Trunblad needs. However, her voice was right on and her dancing was on par. I simply wanted that air of youthful optimism that she lacked. Perhaps she was conserving energy for the evening performance, perhaps not. Edna Turnblad was performed by George Wendt. He was good as well. Not quite a mover, and to see him sweat like a man through his houscoat during his soft shoe number "Timeless to Me" was sort of gross. But for a fat man, he did good. Rumor has it he wore a fat suit as well. Aye yai yai. One of the main performers was Kevin Meaney - great in the 3 supporting roles he performed. He's a funny man. Now Link was played by Ashley Angel Parker, he was ok. I think Link should be a hearthrob. And Mr. Parker wasn't attractive enought to make me throb, er ... my heart that is. Too bad.
I really enjoyed this show. It was light, for a musical based around bigotry, funny & most of the songs are toe tapping. Jery Mitchell's choreography was so great. No wonder he was nominated for a Tony. If you really want to see Mr. Mitchell's work at it's best you should see Legally Blond. His work isn't tough, but it's VERY visual. Should you see this show. Absolutley, and there's no John Travolta changing his character to suit his "I'm not gay" needs.



Blogger CawfeeGuy said...

the hubby took me last year for V'Day! the best time i've ever had in on broadway!

btw...is that picture REALLY Ryan Charisma???

9:07 AM  
Blogger Todd HellsKitchen said...

I've seen this show many times. (Mostly cuz friends have been in the cast at one time or another). Glad to hear it's still holding up!

4:57 PM  

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