Thursday, June 26, 2008

Band Fags

My friend Scott gave me this book to read. Oh shit it's good. Really, it's wicked excellent good! Let Momma 'splain.
This book chronicles Jack, the main character's life from 8th grade through senior year. I don't even know where to begin glowing about this book. I read allot of books, and so few I actually become involved in. This must be the second or third one this year. I figured I'd read Band Fags as my PRIDE read. This book, although not my high school story, certainly reminded me of myself at that age. Not admitting who/what you are. Praying to God to not make it so. And fighting the urges that lay just below the surface at all times. I related to this book so much. I was rooting for the main character through the whole book, even though I knew the mistakes he was making. The story takes place from 1983 - 1988. It references cool 80's songs, celebrities and events. Even John Eric Hexim's death. It was a great walk down memory lane.
The story is about Jack (who is gay) and his best friend Brad (who is also gay) and all the kids he interacts with in school. He's 1st trumpet in the band and the school calls the band members "band fags" and the only thing worse than being a "band fag" is being a "Drama Club Queer". God I love the use of those words! Anyway, Jack tries to date girls, he gets a job, he falls in love with two jocks in his school, and eventually his mother figures out he's gay. But I don't want to give away too much more because this book, although an easy read, pulls you right in. I couldn't put it down sometimes. I really wanted him (possibly because I see so much of myself in Jack) to kiss the boys he wanted to kiss. Did he? Well, read the book. You really, really should.
I sort of hope this story is based in truth. I don't want these characters to be fictional. It would kill me.



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Hmmm - I might have to give this a try. Those were the years I was in H.S., too.

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