Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Gayest of Days

Hey peoples! Let me tell you all about last Friday, May 30, 2008:

I woke at 4:45am so I could shower and shave for my big gay day. Upon exiting my bathroom, I woke up the boys (Michael & Sam) who stayed the night. We had a big, big day planned. Once everyone was through the shower, we departed for a Starbuck's coffee, and then Rockefeller Center. Off we went. We reached Rockefeller center around 6:15am. Yawn, I'm tired just typing it now. Now I must tell you, we were there to watch Donna Summer sing live in NBC's Summer Concert Series. Yeah! She went on at 8:30am. Donna sang 'She Works Hard For the Money" (sang the wrong verse), "Stomp Your Feet" (from her new CD) & finished with "Hot Stuff" (yes for me, I did request it). Sadly for all of you out there, a crane fell AGAIN in here in NYC, so the actual concert was preempted by that. Figures!
Then we returned to my apartment to have mimosas on my rooftop. Which we did have, after a quick costume change. We then headed out to Susies Nail Salon for mani/pedis. My toes are glistening. After our time in the salon, we shopped the upper west side until lunchtime.
We had a lovely luncheon at Le Pain Quotidien - fabulous. These french baker/lunch spots have been popping up all over the city, and quite frankly, I really like them. I had a lovely curried chicken salad sandwich. After lunch we shopped a bit more. Yet somehow, I managed not to purchase anything.
Then at the magic hour 3:00pm, we all went to the Lincoln Center Movie Theater to get our seats for the 3:30pm showing of "Sex and the City"! I really enjoyed the movie, I'll review it later on, as I saw it again with Mr. Adam two days later on Sunday. After the movie, the three of us went for a Cosmo at Posh. Love Posh, horrible, horrible bartender - his cosmos were truly meant to strip wood, not be drank.
We then headed back to my place for another costume change as we were due to attend a 30 yo birthday party in the evening. Which we did, we looked great and quite frankly, I was proud of myself for attending a birthday party for someone much older than myself. Regardless, by 10:00pm I was ready to go home, and I did. And I slept in the next day. What a great day!



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