Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sex and the City (movie)

Hey kids! Momma saw this one now! Two times even, and those of you that know me, KNOW I don't do movies twice. Let's get this party started:

First off I saw this movie initially with Sam & Michael on our fabulous Gay(ish) Day in NYC. After Donna Summer, shopping, mani/pedis, a fabulous luncheon we entered the Lincoln Center Movie Theater to join our friends Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha & Carrie for the first time in years. And they were there, and on time, and they looked fabulous, yet alarmingly older.

First off we waited in a line that was huge. Upon our wait, we noticed that the entire audience was female. Yes, you heard me right. On a Friday afternoon at 3:30pm, the theater was filled with gaggles of women. Now these weren't just any women, they were "Sex and the City" wannabes. I kid you not. Wearing their high end clothing and ultra expensive shoes this entire audience thought that the were the fab four of Sex and the City. These groups of women punch drunk with anticipation of the movie must have had the same idea as we three gays. Speaking of gays, we were the few accounted for. Yes, you heard me right. There were no faggles (gaggle of fags). The only other gays to be accounted for in the audience were, I would say, about every third gaggle of women had brought their lone personal gay. Eww. Let's be real, gays who hang out with mostly women, are either in school, or live in the suburbs, there really isn't any other excuse to be the ONLY gay.

Moving along, the movie was fun, exciting and fashion forward. Although I must express my concern for the outrageous display of chunky belts with dish sized buckles in this movie. Are these over sized belts really coming into fashion? I'm afraid, if a belt can make Sarah Jessica Parker look fat, I don't want to tell Sally Housecoat what said belt makes her look like. But I will.

The story of the movie you're going to have to find out for yourself. I won't ruin it for you or anyone who hasn't seen it. I'm sure most of my readers intend of seeing it. I will tell you however, it was like a really long episode of the TV series. The movie had a photo shoot of Carrie in wedding gowns that was outstanding. I loved that scene. There were a few tear jerking moments and few laughs, but all in all I really liked the movie. "Was the movie predictable ryan charisma?" you ask. Yes, it was. The movie was exactly what I expected it to be. And I'm sure what you expect it to be.

And like I posted, I liked it so much I saw it again on Sunday with Mr. Adam, Evan & Jeffrey.



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