Monday, November 03, 2008

The B-52's LIVE

Last Saturday night, Sam, Michael & I went to see the B-52's & Hercules & Love Affair at Hammerstein's Ballroom here in NYC. What a great time! I adore Hercules & Love Affair, always have, but sadly Anthony wasn't there to sing with the band. The band kicked ass anyway, I must admit. Then the B-52's went on. They rocked the party! What a great time! The ticket price was cheap and the fun was bountiful.
I must admit, that we drank allot. It's Sam's fault, he makes us drink. After all, I was brought up with proper Christian values. Hooray for the LOVE SHACK BABY!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

but then you lost those values when you started kissing boys and i don't recall forcing you to drink

6:51 PM  

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