Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Saw it! Now listen childruns, I know I swore I'd never see this show again. I know the rumors that Patti plays Momma Rose crazed. But my friend Michael got tickets for Gail, Patti, Sam & myself to see this show last Wednesday night. The show fucking rocked! Oooops! I cusseded.
"Here she is boys!" Patti LuPone was stellar in this performance. Was she crazed? Yes, she was slightly, but I think it gave a whole new level her character. Boyd Gains brought a whole level to the thankless role of Herbie. I truly thought this show would drag on for 12 hours. It did not. It was done wonderfully. I see why this show won so many Tony Awards. I'm glad I saw it.
"ryan charisma, what was your favorite part of the show?" Well, I'm going to have to say .... the cow. And there you have it. This show was great, see it before Patti is out and it closes. Now I can go back to never needing to see this show ever again. It's so long.



Anonymous Buddy Starr said...

Hmm...I told you so...

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