Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sticky & Sweet Tour - MADONNA

I LOVE MADONNA! Last Tuesday I took Mr. Adam to see Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour. We joined Evan & Jeffrey before the show for drinkies as Mr. Adam & I were on our stay-cation. We arrived for the 8pm show at 8:30pm and Madonna started promptly at 9:20pm. I've learned she doesn't begin at the ticket time.
First off I have to say, Madonna's multi-media effects were incredible. They always are. Her theme of sticky & sweet lasted for the first two songs then the show became a free flow of her new and old tunes. I have to say this, and it pains me to to even write it "This was not one of her best tours." There I said it. Her last two tours were superior to this one. First, Madonna rocked out a few too many songs. She's been known to reinterpret her 80's hits before and in this case her new version of Borderline was awesome. But then again, instead of only rocking out 2-3 songs, she did more like 6-7. Her costumes were black. That's all. If she had on any color is was a necklace or a vest/jacket type of thing. Bad costumes.
Madonna, during a sing along to "I love New York" ripped into Sara Palin singing "Palin get off of my street, get off of my street! If Palin makes it to Washington, I'll kick her ass!" God I love Madonna.
Good show, if you've never seen Madonna, you should go you won't be disappointed. If you have seen Madonna, don't go with expectations of her last two tours. It won't compare.
I'm still glad I went, I would have never forgiven myself if I missed the show.



Blogger Todd HellsKitchen said...

I'd *LOVE* to see Madonna kick Sarah Palin's ass! I would! Hehehe.

5:43 AM  
Anonymous BS said...

Saw her, loved her. Unfortunately, gave away my "Music" ticket to a loved one who I wanted to see her more than I but really enjoyed this tour. My sugar is raw.

10:10 PM  

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