Tuesday, October 21, 2008

...and Angus was watching

This past Friday, there was an alignment of stars, so to speak. A convergence of talent, sweat and dedication sweetened with support and love. "What are you talking about ryan charisma?" Hold on, I'm milking the moment...
OK, great - I made my 'phili-something' point. Anyway, a group of friends from my undergrad years in the university theater company (SMUTCo) gathered here in NYC. We were all here to support our friends Gail & Ernie with the musical they've been writing, re-writing & writing again called Monsters. They had a staged reading with Ms. Andrea McCartle (original Annie) singing the lead character. This reading was to wrangle up some financial backing and producers for their musical. I'm not going to review the show as I only review full productions. I don't think reviewing a work in progress is fair. So I'll say this, the cast was one of the strongest casts I've seen out of all the incarnations I've seen of this show. And I believe I've seen them all over the years.
It was so great to see my friends that I never see. "Why ryan charisma?" Well, because life takes people and tosses them across states and oceans. It gives us families and basic life to deal with. It takes it's toll on people. So now, although our friendships still seem to be as strong as ever, we've all moved along the paths that make staying close difficult if not impossible. My biggest wish, was that they stayed longer. One night in NYC is not long enough.
So in turn, our mentor Angus Baily, who was the director of our theater company, was alive again watching his people pull it together once more. His spirit lived on in the script, in the support, in the arguing and most of all in the performance of Monsters.
Here's to you Angus, and the wonderful people you brought together and taught.

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that was very sweet you made me misty

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