Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Voted a/k/a BITCHSLAP!

I voted(ed). Yes I did. Mr. Adam & I got up at 5:45am (as usual for the gym) but instead headed out to vote. We were in line from 6am - 7am. It took one hour for both of us to cast our ballots for this election. And it was good.
"Who did you vote for ryan charisma?" Wow aren't all of you, as my mother would say, 'out of line'? Well, I voted for the Black, Arab, Muslim, Socialist Terrorist. Yes I did. Take that you douche bag Republicans! BITCHSLAP! Even if my candidate loses, I want my voice heard. I demand to be heard. And my vote IS my voice. Listen ass wipe Christian fanatics who are their own special form of terrorist. I AM DONE WITH YOU! BITCHSLAP! Feel that wrath coming down on you and your hate? Feel that bitch slap? Good, I hope it leaves a mark.
By these record numbers of votes, I feel Obama will win this election and if he wins both the electorate & the popular vote: There will be no stopping him.
BITCHSLAP! Ah that feels good.


Blogger Todd HellsKitchen said...

I voted for Hussein guy too

12:13 PM  

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