Friday, May 29, 2009

Duma Key

OK childruns I'm done another book. This time I read the classic writer Stephen King. This book, Duma Key was pretty good. I'll admit, it kind of uses that Stephen King style of writing three quarters of the book before the exciting stuff starts happening.
The basic story is like this. The main character, Edgar Freemantel has a horrible construction accident that causes him to lose his arm. After months in physical rehab, a divorce and giving up his business Edgar decides to retire to Duma Key alone. He rents a big pink house on a cliff and begins to draw, which progresses to charcoals, which progresses to painting. He finds he's extremely talented but his paintings have a habit of foreseeing the future. Now all this time, he realizes that he has phantom itches and aches in his missing arm. This missing arm is the key to his psychic connection to the paintings. Then, all hell breaks lose as he finds he's not the only person through history to find this talent. Then he has to undo the evil that he has set free with these psychic paintings. Get the picture? Good.
I like Stephen King, so I generally liked this book. But I think it read more like a screenplay. It would make a great summer movie. Should you read it? Sure why not? But read it after you read what you really want to read first.



Blogger CocteauBoy said...

FINALLY! I've been asking you what you thought of this book for WEEKS now... So it doesn't sound like his best work. I miss his good stuff.

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