Thursday, February 16, 2006

When Will It End?

You think the torture pictures from Abu Ghraib are bad. How about having to sit through these tedious Olympic games? The small amount of pleasure that the television does bring me is being obliterated by these "games". I know I can't be the only American who really doesn't care if the "flying tomato" does a half curl down the pike. So what? Cut your hair, you're on TV for Christ's sake. And now Matt Lauer, my morning boyfriend, is wearing Italian fashions, scarves and sunglasses and I find it horrible. He looks like a Euro wannabe. No! I don't like Euros, actually I detest them. I can't stand their syrupy accents and their 'far vision' expression as they "search for the correct English word". "how do you,... coke - no ice?" Now that's torture. And if I were to smack him/her; I'd be the one to go to jail. Someone take a picture of me trying to watch something 'good' on television? Or will Rumsfeld stop digital cameras from my home as well as Iraq? Stopping America from seeing my suffering every night after work. America know my suffering for we can only stop this insanity if we realize it's happening! Stop these dull Olympic Games before someone gets hurt. Or worse, before someone is forced to read a book, magazine or web page. I guess the Olympics are my personal Abu Ghraib. And if they are, why aren't there naked men everywhere?


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