Thursday, April 06, 2006

CHICAGO - the musical

Well people, last Tuesday my friend Michael took me to see Chicago on Broadway. In the past, I've seen numbers from the show, I've seen videos, I've even seen the movie; however I've never seen the whole show on stage. Now I have. I loved the show. I loved how edgy is was. I thought the show was very, very sexy. The women in the chorus were all busty girls. I can't say I know for sure, but I would bet most of the women in the show had breast implants. And they looked great. As for the men, so beautiful. Breathtakingly beautiful people with barely any clothes on. Who could ask for anything more? As for the leads I saw: Robin Givins played Roxy Heart - badly I might add. She has absolutely no acting talent at all and, at best, her singing voice is mediocre. She has the body of a 14 year old girl and stood out like a sore thumb against the cast of voluptuous bombshell women. She was that bad. Also featured in the show was John O'Hurley playing Billy Flinn - he was perfect for the role. He's the type, for you people in the biz. And the part isn't that vocally challenging so his numbers went well. Overall I would suggest everyone that needs a sexy pick-me-up show; see this -when Givens is out.


Blogger Jim said...

For as many Broadway shows as I've seen, I've never seen Chicago. Now I'm curious, maybe next time, right after I see Ave. Q :)

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