Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Always A Lady

Hey people,

Today I celebrate the pig. Miss Piggy to be exact. Oh how I adored her when both Miss Piggy and I were in our youth. She is still a favorite of mine. Even in her new Pizza Hut ads. I recall envying her amorous relationship with her Kermit. "When will I have a Kermit of my own?" I would ponder through many a teenage afternoon. She's always been ahead of her time. Glamorous and athletic, yet Miss Piggy is unafraid to take on the dessert section at Cosco. Her youth abounds and though you'll never hear her discuss her plastic surgeon; he's the best. Notice how her skin looks better now than ever. What is her beauty secret? Bacon fat? Regardless, I'm in. She's the pinnacle of celebrity in an unassuming, friendly yet aloof manner. Miss Piggy wears high fashion, as she's modeled for top designers and presented at award shows. A glamorous life not for the faint of heart. She'll always be Americas favorite celebrity pig. She'll always have great hair. She'll always have great clothes. She'll always have gloves. But above all this, she'll always be a lady.


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