Friday, March 10, 2006


My friend Michael invited me to see this show last night. It's not a play. It's music! I walked into the theater to find that on every seat a 2 foot drum. Needless to say, before the show there was lots of wanna-be percussionists. Being only slightly jaded and bitter, I didn't mind, but thought to myself: "I'm very glad I don't have a headache." I have to tell you what a fun musical experience this was. The whole audience joined this 11 member troupe which consisted of both South and West African percussionists to create fun music together. I highly recommend this show for people bringing older kids (6-13) to the city. By the end of the show not only have you met each musician through a drum solo, dance solo, monologue & of course conducting the audience on their instruments; but your spirits have risen joyously. What a fun time! Did I mention the men are buff?


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