Friday, March 31, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

Well I've finished it. Such a good book. I recommend this book to everyone. Here is my dilemma though, I don't know if you should see the movie first or read the book first. I know the book will end up being better than the movie (as usually is), but I'm afraid that if you read it first then you'll know all the secrets and who the "bad guys" are. Now don't go jumping up and down saying "it's the Christians, it's the Christians" - we all know they're bad people in real life, but in the book you'll be surprised. Also I wonder, if you see the movie will you want to read the book? It's a long book, and just because I read quickly doesn't mean everyone does. What a good suspenseful thriller. I can't urge everyone to (at least) see the movie when it does come out in May 06. I'm beginning to think I should be a detective of sorts. I figured out three of the plot twists and codes. I'm so damn smart!


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