Monday, April 10, 2006

Linda Eder

Last Saturday night Mr. Adam surprised me with tickets to go see Ms. Linda Eder at Feinstein's at the Regency. It was a great show. She did all standards and none of her signature songs. What a voice on her! She had been ill all week and her previous shows this week had been cancelled since Tuesday. But she went on for our performance. Even on the mend from an illness, she sounded spectacular. Her band was a five piece and they were right there with her. Michael Feinstein was in the audience and she called him up to do a number with her (of course he accompanied on the piano). Oh did I mention that Mr. Feinstein has horribly dyed hair? Note to Feinstein- when you hair dye is faded and you have roots over half an inch long. Don't spike your hair up. It's really obvious under lights.
As for the space, I was so close to Ms. Eder that if I spun around with my arms out I would have knocked her over. What a great time we had; what a great surprise!


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