Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Digital Fortress

I've finished another Dan Brown book. This is one of Mr. Brown's first books from what I could tell. I'd hate to say it, but you can tell - but only around the edges. The ending is a little "Hollywood"; but the pace of the book is great. I enjoyed actually reading it and looked forward to getting back into the book; as I usually only read on the subway. The story is about the NSA and it's computer TRANSLTR, which the government uses to read private e-mail. The book, although a thriller, askes the question of "do human beings have the right to secrets?" According to our government "no". Is it possible that our government is watching us like some Orwellian nightmare? Sad to think, but in today's day & age - I think the government is. The pace of the book is typical of Mr. Brown's other books as is his final plot twist. A good one, but I guessed the code. You may ask "how did you do it Ryan Charisma?" Well, I'm smart and I took honors chemistry in High School. This book is an action packed thriller perfect for poolside or the beach.


Blogger Jim said...

Agreeing with you -- I liked it too and for the same reasons. He is a little flawed in his computer science research (which I do for a living) but its still a good read for a plane or train ride.

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