Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I picked up this book thinking it would an interesting read. It was. I enjoyed the author's (Dave White) sarcasm and wit. This book is about the first year he spent in Hollywood, California after living in Texas his whole life. This book started as e-mails Dave sent to close friends who in turn sent these "amusing" e-mails to others and so on and so forth until he had a blog. That blog became so popular that he started to write an article in Instict magazine called "Exile in Guyville." And this is it. The book does read like it's made up of magazine articles. But there is a cohesiveness that pulls it together. The short chapters make this book brilliant to be reading on the subway and on short jaunts. It's a quick, easy read. I liked it. I'll have to check out this blog now. hmmmm.



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