Monday, July 31, 2006

Superman Returns IMAX 3-D

OK, I saw it. I saw it. All of the e-mails - "Ryan Charisma, what did you think of the new Superman movie?" Finally, I've seen it. Yes, I can now honestly relate to you, my dear, sweet, little do-pee-toos the magic that is Superman. I liked it. I did. You ask me "Ryan Charisma, didn't you say that Brandon Routh was too young and not manly enough?" I did say that, and I can't believe the Enquirer actually quoted me. Regardless, I forgave Brandon being so young and quite honestly I found it didn't really matter. Brand is the first movie Superman who looks like a man. And by that, I mean you can see his "boy bumps", or bulge (to be vulgar). Superman is hot, with great hair. I couldn't really tell what product the stylist was using to create that "Superman curl".
Mr. Adam & I had decided to see this film on the IMAX screen, and certain scenes were in 3-D. I really enjoyed it. The 3-D part was fun, but not necessary to enjoy this film. As far as the story goes, well, you know it. Superman good, Lex Luthor bad. Lex Luthor figures out a bad thing to do; Superman saves the day. Predictable. But some of the supporting cast is great, Kevin Spacey & Parker Posey to be more specific. Although the movie is 3 hours long, I didn't feel bored. I enjoyed it and didn't think I would. Oh, but I must be honest and tell you about Lois Lane played by Kate Bosworth. Boring, fickle and useless. There I said it. Now honestly, I think James Marsden, who plays Lois' husband, is gorgeous. I'm not talking goodlooking, or handsome - he's breathtakingly beautiful. To see this man, is worth the price of the ticket. There, I said that too. But it had to be said. Now if only Superman loved "the husband" instead of Lois Lane. Maybe then we'd have the right to marry?


Blogger Jim said...

Agreeing, Posey was great and the Lois Lane charater was underwhelming!

Marsden is attractive but I'd still choose Routh :)

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wanna see MY boy bumps?

12:40 PM  

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