Thursday, December 21, 2006

Casino Royale

So in the midst of my Christmas shopping this week I took myself to go see this movie. I really liked it. I'm a huge fan of 007 films anyway, so I usually anticipate all of them. Well, except for "A View to a Kill" - it was awful. Anyway, Daniel Craig was great as Bond. I was very hesitant to accept a blond Bond. I'm not partial to blonds anyway, and my 007 is always dark haired. Well, until today. I've gone and changed my mind again. He wasn't pretty, not at all; but he was "oh so sexy." So very sexy. I support Mr. Craig making another James Bond film, and soon. The movie was a little longer than 2 hours and it flew by, well except for the final 30 minutes while I had to go to the bathroom. Very uncomfortable.
As for the reviews that say "there's too much gambling scenes." That's not true. It's not at all. I hate that kind of gambling, boxing, football, baseball, swimming, basketball movie. This was just the right amount. So go see it. And if you find you can't, definitely rent it on DVD.



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