Monday, April 23, 2007

The Fantasticks

Last Thursday, my friend Michael took me to see The Fantasticks at the Snapple Theater Complex here in NYC. First off, I have to tell you that the author Tom Jones was in the show himself as the Actor. He was very, very entertaining. As for the show itself, eh. Having been exposed to the music of this show for years & years, but never having seen the show - I was excited to see this production. I knew the show lasted off-Broadway for decades. It began in 1960 and ran through 2002. Now that is a successful show. None-the-less, the show did close and now it's re-staged in the original blocking & choreography. Now you're all wondering, Ryan Charisma - did you like it? What's it all about? OK, childrens, hold on, momma will get to all of that.
1) Did I enjoy the show? Yes, but I must tell you, the songs that I found boring on the CD - still boring live. Was the show good? It was good, the cast was energetic, their voices strong and the performances were charming and well suited for the show. But sadly, it gets dull, and I mean really dull toward the end.
Overall, I would say - if you MUST see this show - see it in a college or regional production. There is no reason to pay Broadway prices for a show that really relies upon the talent of the production itself and has nothing to do with the show. The story is a simple boy meets girl, loses girl and gets girl back story. eh.



Blogger Jim said...

Several of my friends were in the Austin rendition of this last year. I liked it for what it was but no, I wouldnt have payed Broadway prices.

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