Thursday, April 05, 2007

Frost Nixon

OK my dear, sweet children, let Momma tell you all about a really great play my friend Michael took me to see. Frost/Nixon was a great show with personality, spunk, humor and a touch of history. The two main characters were of course David Frost played by Michael Sheen and Richard Nixon played by Frank Langella. First off let me tell you how weary I was going to see this as past politics can be very dull to me. This play was NOT dull for one second. Mr. Langella was excellent portraying Nixon. His speech and his physicality were practically flawless. Which in "gay speak" is really, really good. Mr. Sheen was equally as good. Both were nominated in the UK for Olivier Awards for their roles in this production.

The show itself is about the famous Frost interviews of Richard Nixon. How Frost got the interview, what was said and most of all, what wasn't said. The goal of the interview became to get Nixon to admit that he broke the law. So over a series of days of interviews between the two, the Watergate scandal is brought up. I'll leave the ending to all of you (well, if you haven't seen the original interviews). But I would say the most shocking part of the show was how money hungry Nixon was, both before resigning and after. This show is performed without intermission and honestly, is very, very good. I recommend this to anyone with or without an interest in the subject matter. You'll walk out glad you saw it. I promise.



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