Monday, November 05, 2007

Possible Side Effects

OK, I've finished another Augusten Burroughs book. You're all clamoring now "was it good Ryan Charisma, was it?" Well, settle down kiddies. Momma has to tell you everything.
First off, this was not as good as the other two Burrough's books I've read. It didn't have the storyline connecting these short essays together. The book was more of independent essays that stood on their own. Excellent for many short reads, but for a book it lacked cohesiveness.
I enjoy Burroughs writing, perhaps because I can relate to him on several levels. My childhood would rival his. My outlook on life is just as insidiously deformed. And I formed rules and regulations in my youth that I still feel I must adhere to for no particular reason other than some built in, self inflicted superstitious belief that I created. That being said. I wouldn't recommend this book, although it states that it was on the NY Times bestseller list, his book Dry is the best one so far. I've got others to go, and I do intend upon reading them. I just gotta mix it up to amuse myself.



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